On weekends from 10/11PM, Pacific transforms into an irresistible club. Whether you’ve got disco fever or are a soul (wo)man, we’ll make sure you’ll want to stick around. Check out our upcoming events below.



○ Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied entry.

○ Pacific only serves alcohol to visitors 18 years or older. Visitors who pass on alcohol to persons under the age of 18 and persons under the age of 18 who consume alcohol will be denied entry.

○ Visitors accept that they may be captured on CCTV.

○ In the interest of safety, visitors must follow the directions of the Pacific Crew.

○ Pacific is a non-smoking location, smoking and the use of e-smokers is only allowed in designated areas.

○ Weapons, knives and hard drugs are prohibited. When visitors carry this, the police will always be warned.

○ For security reasons, visitors may be frisked and bags searched.

○ In Pacific, the visitor may be exposed to noise levels above 80 dBA. Hearing protection is the responsibility of the visitor.

○ When observing or experiencing nuisance or intimidation by a fellow visitor in any form whatsoever, we request that the visitor immediately report this to staff such as security or bar staff, so appropriate action can be taken immediately.



○ To deal in soft and hard drugs.

○ To take drinks outside the indicated limits of the terrace.

○ Bringing your own food, drinks, stickers or markers inside.

○ Take glassware outside.

○ In case of violation of our house rules, the validity of the entrance ticket expires and access is denied for a certain period. In case of violation of our house rules, visitors are not entitled to a refund of entrance fees.

○ To make expressions of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, fatphobia, albinism, age discrimination or in any other way annoying, aggressive, discriminating or intimidating towards fellow visitors.