Celebrate the arrival of the little one with an unforgettable baby shower. Whether you long for a cozy lunch, (non-alcoholic) drinks or dinner. Private for intimate surroundings or our restaurant/ terrace for a relaxed atmosphere. Pacific provides the perfect setting for this special occasion.

Make it extra festive by decorating the space with a touch of pink or blue and choose one of our delicious cakes.

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Private room:  

Lunch up to 20 people 

Drinks up to 30 people 

Dinner up to 20 persons 

Walking dinner up to 30 persons  



Lunch up to 80 persons 

Drinks up to 450 persons 

Dinner up to 80 persons 



Lunch up to 100 persons  

Dinner up to 100 persons 

Walking dinner up to 100 persons   

Drinks up to 150 persons

Lunch & Dinner

Come and enjoy lunch with your party from €12.95 p.p.


Enjoy a delicious dinner, walking dinner or shared dinner from €31,95 p.p.