Great that you would like to come to Pacific! We are an all day hotspot for breakfast until late night cocktails and everything in between. Due to the regulations we’re unfortunately forced to adjust our reservation policy. 

You can reserve a table via the widget on the bottom right of the website. 

  • In addition to the start time, also pay close attention to the end time of your reservation.
  • When you make a reservation for more than 4 people and you’re not 1 household, it’s possible you will be seated at 2 different tables (1.5m apart from each other). 
  • In case of bad weather we can’t guarantee a spot inside, but we’ll do our very best. We have parasols and heaters available. 
  • Running late? Please let us know! 
  • Do you have any symptoms? Stay at home to protect others.
  • You’ll receive more information in the confirmation email!